My Life as a Wife
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My Life as a Wife

Knitty baker: Homemade Pizza with Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Tomatoes, and Kale
P90X kicked my butt…in a good way.

I feel stronger already. 

18th August, Thursday (11:54am) Reblog ↬

It’s time for another question, and I need you, Tumblr, to help me figure out the answer. 

Jillian Michaels:

I’m feeling like the first one would be the best, but I’m just not sure. 

What fitness DVD of her’s should I get?

18th August, Thursday (8:49am) Reblog ↬

He’s usually playing Halo Reach, but then he bought this computer game called Minecraft. He made a server for it, so that his friends could play with him, and he’s just so proud of it. 

18th August, Thursday (8:38am) Reblog ↬

No interval training this morning. My legs are KILLING me, and I read where if your legs are this sore, it’s easier to pull muscles if you keep working out hard on them.

BUT I am going to be doing P90X this morning instead. I’m just waiting for my little sis to return home from dropping the little one off at school. Now my arms are going to hurt me. 

18th August, Thursday (8:35am) Reblog ↬
Is it twisted that I am excited to read this? I feel like I should have been a psychologist.

Letting the husband stay up and play video games tonight without any nagging. Now that’s a good wife.

17th August, Wednesday (11:09pm) Reblog ↬
Interval training in the morning.

My poor legs are so sore, but I cannot start with the excuses already. 

17th August, Wednesday (10:14pm) Reblog ↬

This is why I want to lose weight. I want to wear my husband’s shirts again. 

17th August, Wednesday (9:58pm) Reblog ↬