My Life as a Wife
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My Life as a Wife
Look at those amazing, sizzling veggies. (Taken with instagram)

I am going to tone down the weight loss posts on this blog, and stick to my true purpose with this blog: married life.

I am starting a new weight loss blog tonight. URL later, but know that both marriage and getting healthy are my top priorities right now, so you’ll be getting a lot from both.

22nd August, Monday (4:48pm) Reblog ↬

Remember the other day when I just did four intervals and my goal was eight?

Well today I did ten intervals.

30 second sprint, 90 second jog. I’m not sure where I gained the stamina. I pushed the hell out of myself though. And now I feel AMAZING!

22nd August, Monday (4:21pm) Reblog ↬

I hate people for making us always wait. Husband has to wait ANOTHER week to hear if he got the job, although he feel extremely good about it. From what he told me, I feel good about it also. We have been playing this waiting game for months. So tired of it all. All I can do is pray.

22nd August, Monday (2:45pm) Reblog ↬
My husband makes such a handsome business man.

I love this idea. Setting up a camera to take a photo every morning at a certain time. 
Tumblr is just like weight loss. You lose some and you gain some.


21st August, Sunday (10:51pm) Reblog ↬

Best idea ever. 


21st August, Sunday (10:35pm) Reblog ↬

It’s hard to believe how much more positive I have become since being married. I used to be the definition of Pessimistic Patty, but now I am finding it easier and easier to be positive about things upfront. 

I just love having this guy in my life. 

This was over three years ago after we had been dating only six months. He would do pitch a fit if he knew I put this picture up, but it’s my favorite. I loved this man even when he was a boy. 

21st August, Sunday (10:33pm) Reblog ↬